Thursday, October 1, 2009

Break Time

The initial idea for this blog was to track down folks who had a hand in these records - the performers, the disc jockeys, and anyone else - and have them tell me their stories. This was never going to be a "what Lisa thinks of a record" blog.

At first, the reception to the project, and the response to requests for interviews was wonderful. Folks wanted to share their memories and history. However, for whatever reason, I'm having trouble finding willing participants to continue this blog, even with once a month postings.

The blog will remain - if only as an archive - until I eventually hear back from folks to continue it on a regular basis. If you are reading this, and either appear on these discs as a performer, or had a hand in the creation (disc jockeys, program directors), I would love to chat with you.


Unknown said...


Ken Kramer from Starstream covered in you Sept Blog....I have a ton of the vinyl albums the company did...haven't tried to play the in 15 years..but who knows...

Ken Kramer

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa,
My name is William Scott and I was a performer in the 1987 Budweiser contest. I would love to speak with you concerning my experience with the contest.